Maintenance Plans

Let the professionals at Top 3 SEO take care of your website

Do you give sufficient care to your website?

When was the last time you thought about the technical and security issues of your website? Do you spend enough time keeping your website maintained?
The majority of business owners do not maintain their websites. Website performance and security issues are not monitored and maintained because they lack the time or technical skills.
Having an in-house technical employee to do this work can be quite costly so it is usually just ignored until a problem arises.
At Top 3 SEO Company, we are glad to offer you our extensive website maintenance services. We will help you solve problems with backups, security, performance, compliance and other technical aspects of your website.
Top 3 SEO Company has just recently added a premier service to offer full ADA and WCAG Compliance to protect your business from an ADA website accessibility lawsuit.

Let’s work together to keep your website safe, secure and updated to perform without problems

Sudden Errors on Your Website can cause Financial Loss for Your Business.

Prevent your business from losing money and get our maintenance service now!

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Have a Question?

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?
Our support hours are from 4 AM till 1 PM (GMT +0), Monday through Friday. Any maintenance tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.
What do you need to start the maintenance service?

As soon as you select and purchase the plan, your personal project manager will contact you. Usually it doesn’t take more than 24 hours. Your manager will get all the access credentials from you to your website and set up the maintenance service such as security monitoring, performance analysis as well as backups on your website. All of your credentials will be secure and will not be shared with any third parties.

Can I upgrade and downgrade the maintenance plan?

As the maintenance services are provided right after the payment, the purchased plan can be upgraded or downgraded starting from the next month

Can I use one plan on several websites?

One maintenance plan will be applicable for one website. Any additional website will require a new separate plan.

Can you guarantee that my website will have good ratings in the Google Page Speed or GTmetrix?
Services provided by us for optimizing the website’s speed are one of the factors that affect the website’s ratings on Google page and GTmetrix. However, in order to have sufficiently good ratings on the Google page speed and GTmetrix, there are many other factors and procedures without which certain ratings can not be achieved. You may want to explore one of our SEO packages and then we can almost guarantee good search results on Google and Bing.

General FAQ’s

Is it possible to cancel the subscription and ask for a refund?

We take into account the changing business environment and therefore our subscription plans can be canceled.

As our monthly maintenance services go into effect from day one, they are non-refundable.

If you select an annual subscription plan to take advantage of the annual discount and request cancellation, you will be charged only for the months you used at the full monthly rate. The rest of the amount will be returned to you.

My website has been hacked. Can you fix it?

We understand that any website is subject to hacking attacks, and it occurs from time to time. We surely fix your website if it has been hacked. Furthermore, we would first study the scale of work for fixing and then present the estimate of time and costs for this work.

If my website crashes after updates, is it an extra cost to fix them?

All the updates will be made on the staging website which we create on your hosting. You can then check all the updates on the staging website and after your approval, we can then make the same updates on your main website.

In case certain features break down as a result of updates, we will restore the latest backup of your website so that it is accessible and works without errors. We will then do our best to fix the issue, using the available development hours in your maintenance plan.

Each task is estimated, and then it is shared with you. We will start working only after your approval. However, if the estimated task requires more hours than available development hours in the plan, you can acquire these extra development hours.

The available development hours in the plan don’t transfer to the next month but the extra development hours that you have acquired will transfer to the next month. This means that you will not lose the extra development hours even if you don’t use them up in the preceding month, and you can use them at any time during one year.

The cost of the additional development hour is $55.

What about custom development on the website?

Yes, we offer WordPress theme and plugin customization, and we pride ourselves on our long experience in this field. If the required custom work takes more than the available hours in your maintenance plan, we can do this work as a separate project.

We will discuss the details of your project and draw up technical documentation. Then, we send you an accurate estimate as to the time and costs for your project. Once, you give the green light to start, we will get down to your project right away.

What if my task takes more than available monthly development hours?

Each task is estimated, and then it is shared with you. We will start working only after your approval. However, if the estimated task requires more hours than available in your selected plan, you can buy these extra development hours separately. The cost of the additional development hour is $55.