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While your website’s purpose is to convert your web traffic into actual customers, SEO is a strategy to help your website be discovered easily by people already searching for your products or services on the world wide web. It seems that SEO has become synonymous with “Google Optimization” these days, and admittedly Google is an incredible way to get a high volume of people to find you, but doing SEO  correctly also leverages the many other ways that potential customers are searching.



We do the research to find out what people are typing into Google in order to find your types of products or services. While we explained that SEO is more than just getting found on Google, it’s a good place to start so that we know how to tailor your content to what’s relevant and we can see how many people in your area are searching. The potential of hundreds or even thousands of people searching for local businesses in a specific industry on Google is not uncommon.



Since you’re the expert in your industry, we partner with you to collect the information we need in order to produce high quality content on your website on a steady schedule. Search engines love serving people new, relevant, quality content! Over time this will cause search engines and people to view you as the leading experts of your arena and with this sort of authority comes great riches. More websites will link to your quality content that will results in more potential customers on your website.



When people do find you the local search results, they will see what is called your “Google My Business” page. This is an online profile of your business, much like any other social media profile, it includes photos and relevant info about your business. Setting this up or checking to make sure this is setup correctly leads to an increase in inquiries for your business all on it’s own!



There are hundreds of local directories (like Yelp and Yellow Pages, etc) that people use to find local businesses these days. We make sure that you’re on as many relevant directories as possible, with consistent and accurate information about your company. When your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are displayed online in a local business directory, it’s called a Citation.

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